Friday, 31 May 2013

What inspire me to sew

To close this month, i would like to share a bit of my sewing story. It all started about one and a half years ago. Being bored nothing to do when my Little Z was sleeping, i googled for activity that probably could help me spent my spare time. Luckily i found some awesome sewing blogs. Grosgain Fabulous, she was the first to inspire me to sew. Back then, i love her frocks. Now that her blog does not only contain sewing information, you could also find so many crafty things inside. Then, another awesome one is Refashionista. I tell you, this lady, rocks!! I love her creativity on turning any i-won't-wear-that into something you won't believe it came from the same thing. If you love upcycle fashion project, then i recommend you to pay a visit on her. If you love craft beside sewing, i would recommend Craft Passion. I love her too!! Visit her and you'll find out why i love her. :) I'm glad i purchased my very own and very first sewing machine. From it, i learnt so much (and start earning too!!). I'm not good at writing, but i hope this writing could inspire you, like those ladies i've mentioned above, inspire me. Good day.

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