Sunday, 11 October 2015

Resep Eggtart aka Pie Susu

Belakangan lebih sering bikin - bikin kue ketimbang menjahit. Kepuasan tersendiri sih kalo hasilnya bisa nyenengin anak. My son is my best supporter kalo masalah baking. Sebagian besar hasilnya dia yg habisin. Meski beberapa percobaan belom bisa seenak yg sudah komersial tapi tetap edible, selalu ada pasukan kecil yg habisin.

Postingan kali ini ada resep eggtart atau sering juga disebut pie susu. Resepnya nemu dari facebook berupa video, jadi sudah saya catet bahannya (tanpa modifikasi) dan share disini. Too bad saya ga ambil gambar proses pembuatannya step by step. Bakal diupdate deh kalo ada bikin lagi.

Bahan kulit eggtart :
140gr butter
1 kuning telur
70gr gula bubuk
200gr tepung terigu

Bahan custard :
140gr gula
300ml air
4 butir telur
80ml susu kental manis (carnation)

Cara :
Aduk semua bahan kulit sampai tercampur rata dan diamkan di kulkas selama 20 menit.
Rebus air dan gula, tidak perlu diaduk.
Diamkan air gula hingga dingin. Sementara itu, cetak adonan kulit.
Panaskan oven ke suhu 200`
Setelah air gula dingin, masukkan susu dan telur, kocok lepas hingga tercampur dengan baik.
Saring dan tuang ke adonan kulit.
Panggang selama 15-20menit

Kalo menurut saya, kulit eggtart bisa saja memakai resep butter cookie favorit. Saya sendiri suka pakai resep kulit nastar mertua. Saya juga menambahkan sedikit essense vanilla ke custardnya utk menyamarkan bau amis telur.
Selamat mencoba!

Monday, 14 September 2015

Polkadot Drawstring Pouches

One post per year is very not productive at all. Lol.. Fortunately, the writing part is the one that is not productive.

For the sewing part, I made some dresses for Zo. Simple one that she can wear almost everyday. Some tutu skirts for adult (they had been using it for prewedding photoshoot, yeay!). Some other garment alterations. And the most recent one is drawstring pouhes.

A friend of my sister sent me fat quaters. She told me to turn those pretty fabrics to drawstring pouches. Well, I am not quite free, so I made them a little bit by a little bit. And this is my halfway done project.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Coming Back!!

It has been a year since my last post. Wheew.. How time flies..
I am a superbusy Mom right now, with two little rascals, yes, TWO, and all the motherhood things.
I'm about introducing a new member of family, a little girl named Zoey Queen. :)

I did not sew many things lately, some baby blankets, a thing ot two for Big Z and Lil' Z.
Some pics will sum everything up, I guess.
Well, I'm glad to be back again. :)

Tiny dress for my Lil Z

Cute pants for Big Z. Love the fabric.
Another baby blanket that went to a new born baby as a gift

Mini Tutu Skirt for Lil Z

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

SewingBox on Pop Up Indie Market by 061 Bistro Medan

It's a bit too late for this post, I guess. But still, better than never. Haha..So, SewingBox is participating on Pop Up Indie Market. This event is held by 061 Bistro, a local bistro in Medan, the food is good anyway. The event is all about indie label of crafts, clothing, not to mention homemade delicious foods. A place for Medan's people to recognize such talent ever exists in town.

Being held from September 20 to October 20, the event displays items from vendors. You can find craft items, clothing, or if you're craving for food, you can visit 061 Bistro on Saturday and Sunday. They sell local homemade tasty food too.

Be sure to pay a visit and check out SewingBox's items there. Have a great weekend..

pic taken from 061 Bistro's Facebook page

xo- Jenn

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sew Reversible Fabric Belt Tutorial

I am a bit obsessed with sewing project for boys lately. This time i made a reversible fabric belt for Z. The very first time when i saw these cute fabrics, I knew that I would make a belt out of it. It's quite a simple and easy project, yet the result is super cute. 

Friday, 6 September 2013

Giveaway September 2013

Didn't I mention a celebration on this post? Yep, i choose giveaway event as the celebration. There will be not one, or two, but three winners on this event. So, the chance to win is wide open. I am giving away these lovely pouches. Go pick yours. The first winner will get the chance to choose, followed by the second and third winner. I make no rule for this event, just make sure you leave a comment below that state you are participating on this event. You might visit and like SewingBox page too if you wanted to share this event on Facebook.
Anyway, it is all free and I am willing to ship worldwide, in case you are abroad blog reader and want to participate on this event.
Giveaway will be closed at 11.59 pm on 15 September 2013 (GMT+7). Winners will be announced within a day or two at the bottom of post.
Good luck.. :)

Update : Sept 16, 2013
Congrats to comment #36, #24, #32. You won!! (Winners are chosen by random generator by
Please inform your mailing address. Thanks a bunch for participating. :D


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

SewingBox featured at Magic Finger Syndicate

Everyone loves good news and good news need to be celebrated. Couple of weeks ago, i got a message from Magic Finger Syndicate. They told me that my bias binding tutorial got featured on their zine and as compliment, i got one copy for free. I was so happy and anxiously wait for it.

Let's talk a bit about MFS. It is a community for handmade crafter that based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It runs almost 3 years now. On November there will be a Craft Carnival 2013 event. This event is held annually, check it out here.

Get back to the good news, i finally got my copy this afternoon. These are the sneak peak of it. You might contact them if you're interested to purchase one. ;)

MFS zine cover

SewingBox's tutorial

MFS issue 04
Anyway, didn't i mention that every good news need to be celebrated? I am thinking of a giveaway event on mid September. Will update the information in a day or two. ;p
See ya..

Update : Giveaway September 2013

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