Monday, 24 June 2013

Sew Lace Dress

I really want something to new to wear on my brother-in-law's wedding. So, i decided to make a lace dress. This time it should be done right. I drafted a new basic bodice block and basic skirt block for this dress. I used some tutorial i found on the internet, and nothing fits me best. I still have to alter the block to fit me. Two days working on the block finally gives me a perfect result. I love my new blocks, they fit me like a glove. :)

Moving on the dress, i want it to be simple, sleeveless with pencil skirt, fully lined. Oh, don't forget the lace. I bought some lace fabric last week , along with some kind of tulle, but this one with tiny little dot of blings. Here they are. I have other plan for the tulle, not for this dress. :)

lovely fabrics

To go along with the lace fabric, i already have light cream satin. So, i draw the pattern, cut the panels, and finally work on them. Starting with the darts, then i sew the bodice to the skirt. Next is install the zipper. I use invisible zipper for this dress. Then i sew the front and the back together. Last is finished the hem. I added ric rack with same tone on the hem. I am beyond happy with the result.

Lace Dress front
Lace Dress Back
Dart Detail
Ric Rac on hem
Matching color Invisible zipper
Inside the dress. Clean finished. Fully lined
Now that i think i want a stash on the waist. Should I make one? Of course it would be a detachable stash. Or would it be better if I leave it this way? Any idea?

PS : Will update some more pics on the D day. :)

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