Sunday, 4 August 2013

A Pincushion Story

As i remember, my pincushion is my very first project. Every seamstress needs one, right? Back then, i searched for many tutorials for making pincushion, and i fell in love with one lovely flower pincushion that can be worn on wrist. I decided to make one.
My pincushion turned out to be superb for me. I loved it so much. It sticks to my wrist almost on every sewing project. Now that i had used it for almost two years, i want another pincushion. Still the one that stick to my wrist and still the one with petals. Lol.. See, i really love this pincushion. So, yesterday i made another one. And i think i will keep the first one still. Not gonna throw it. :)
It was quite easy and quick project. Both machine and hand sewed. I think i would make the tutorial if i made another one. :)

My very first pincushion. :)

New one!! Still flower pincushion :)

on my wrist
Do you have a favorite pincushion? :)

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