Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Summer Holiday

Hi everyone, how's your Eid Mubarak holiday? Mine is awesome. I guess that is the summary in one word for my summer holiday. Happy Z was happy. I won't be long with words, will post many pics instead.
Great holiday, perfect for my birthday gift. :)

Scenery of Brastagi Highland

Buddhist temple. Cute little monks

Look at those little monks.. Lovely!!

Morning activity : horse riding
Daling Farm - Cow milking place

The dog we met. He's huge! (plese ignore those red eyes..)

Intermezo : Google glass? This is google car! Beat that! Lol..

Pick, pick, pick. Strawberries..

Little Red Bucket Boy

Found one! Pick!

Look at that pose. Lol..

Toon Town in Hillpark

Lost City in Hillpark. Z was posing as lil' dinosaur.

Alligator fish

We call this Bianglala

Happy Dad & Happy Son

Almost became one of these dinosaurs

Bonus : Hubby and his brother in action picking orange. Can you tell which one is who? Lol..

Well, these pics are summary of my summer holiday. It was great, it was fun, not to mention the bbq, which i didn't take any pic of it, perfect!
How's your holiday? :)

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