Monday, 26 August 2013

Craft Swap 'Coin Purse'

A couple of months ago, i joined this group on Facebook, Ibu-Ibu Hobi Crafts. For me, it is a very encouraging group. Once a month, the group makes a craft swap event. It is a free event which every member in the group has the right to participate. Here's how it works, we place our registration information, such as name and address. Then the moderator 'swap' the info in random with other member. One participant will get one address. Than we make the craft as the theme determined.

This time, the second craft swap was Coin Purse themed. This is what i got from Delia Prasisstia. Thank you.. *hugs

It was a beautifully hand-sewn coin purse. You might not believe it was a hand-sewn one. The stitching are so neat. The fabric combo is a great one too. I really love it. :D

What did i make for my partner, Retno Sumiati Bunda Fakhri? Since minions are so booming and they are all over the place, then i made one too. :)

Got a very rewarding response from her. She like it. Even her boys like it too. Lol.. Great relieving for me when someone like the craft i made. :)

Looking forward for the Craft Swap Event #3.. ^^

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