Friday, 6 September 2013

Giveaway September 2013

Didn't I mention a celebration on this post? Yep, i choose giveaway event as the celebration. There will be not one, or two, but three winners on this event. So, the chance to win is wide open. I am giving away these lovely pouches. Go pick yours. The first winner will get the chance to choose, followed by the second and third winner. I make no rule for this event, just make sure you leave a comment below that state you are participating on this event. You might visit and like SewingBox page too if you wanted to share this event on Facebook.
Anyway, it is all free and I am willing to ship worldwide, in case you are abroad blog reader and want to participate on this event.
Giveaway will be closed at 11.59 pm on 15 September 2013 (GMT+7). Winners will be announced within a day or two at the bottom of post.
Good luck.. :)

Update : Sept 16, 2013
Congrats to comment #36, #24, #32. You won!! (Winners are chosen by random generator by
Please inform your mailing address. Thanks a bunch for participating. :D



  1. I join this cute giveawayyyyyy :)))
    *udah gitu aja yah? hihi :)))

  2. Joining too :D

    Wish me luck (˘ʃƪ˘)

  3. Hi Sewing Box Medan, nice to see you :)
    I would like to join this giveaway, anyway very nice pouch yaa, they looks vintage. I like your lovely pouch, i hoped i can get one. Thankyou :)

  4. Ikutann biar tambah rame dan dpt giveaway nya,makasih tutorial2nya, muah..

  5. As a vintage adorer and a woman who madly in love with vintage fabric, of course i am in! :) Good luck everyone :)

  6. let me join too,,
    the pouches are so cute and lovely... :)

  7. saya juga ingin ikut giveawaynya n pengen dapat pouchnya. salam hima :D

  8. join! wish me luck!
    btw, i come from medan too :)

  9. Ikutan giveaway y mba.. smoga tambah sukses selalu..:)

  10. ikutan mbaa...smg dapet aamiin..

  11. Join ya :D

  12. I love sewing... so let me participate too

  13. ikutan jg boleh ya..

  14. ikut ikut... ninggalin jejak ahhh biar tambah rame give away nya ... like...

  15. Ikuuuuut, moga sukses terus mbak jenn...

  16. Tok...tok...tok...ninggalin jejak juga ahhh...biar makin rame give awaynya...ikuutaaan pengen punya pouch ini...kainnya keeerrreeen....^^

  17. Ikutan juga.. *merapaldoasupayamenang*

    Semoga makin sukses dan handmadenya kian ciamik ;)

  18. Heii.. let me JOIN on your GiveAway yeah.
    I'm Shinta and i've done to give my thumb on your FP and share ur post on my own fb.
    Check it on :

    Hope u'll like it and thank's b4 :)

  19. waak..ikutan ya, mbaa..sekalian follow buat belajar njahit :3 sukses terus usahanyaa..:3

  20. Hai, I join your Giveaway. :D

    this is my facebook :
    Dini handayani =>

    this is my blog:

    I have been spreading this info on my social media accounts.. :)

    thank's :)

  21. wah, join giveaway-nya nih, pouch-nya cute banget, sapa tau aku jadi salah 1 yang beruntung. Sukses terus ya ^^

    1. Congrats! You are the #2 winner. Please inform your mailing address along with your choice. Thanks for participating. :)

  22. Aku gabung yaaa...
    Dgn FB Unun Kunzatilah
    Semog beruntung :)

  23. Banci gratisannyaa ikutaaan ya mbaaak :D
    semoga bisa jadi pemenang XD

  24. ikuut :)
    fb : ari.yulianti
    wish me luck...

  25. Congratulations! Semoga tambah sukses yaa :D
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Ikutan yaa ;D
    Suka banget sama pouches nya, lucu lucu :3
    Follow blog dan like facebook :)
    FB: Sarah Azhezha

  26. Hi Jenn, it's the first give away I join, love the union jack one.
    you might want to see my work at my page : Cotton Industries

    keep crafting :P

  27. hi! My name is ayunda slamet. i'm join your Giveaway ..
    This is
    my FB : ayunda slamet (

    My Blog :

    My twitter : @ayunda_slamet

    I have been share this info on my social media accounts.. :)

  28. hi...
    Join this cute GA ^^

    Fb: joanna anastasia rosalin
    already like FP and share this information..

    wish me luck :D

    thx sewing box^^

  29. Alooo :D

    Join yaa, dear!
    Really nice pouches, i wanna gotta one of them *i hope
    I've done give my thumb on your fanspage and i'll share this giveaway info for others on my facebook.

    Thanks, dear.

    *tebar kembang keberuntungan* :p

    1. Congrats! You are the #3 winner. Please inform your mailing address along with your choice. Thanks for participating. :)

  30. Hi! I wanna join this cool Giveaway :D
    Already like FP and share this information

    FB : Muhammad Rifqi Saifudin
    Blog :

  31. Done already....thanks....
    FB : Mami veve

  32. Lia Rahmawati Susila8 September 2013 at 09:08

    count me in ya mbak :)

    they are really cute pouch

    Thank you

  33. hi dear,
    i've joined this event
    and i've shared it in my social media :)

    I hope I can be the first winner to pick the cutest pouch :D

    1. Congrats! You are the #1 winner. You got the chance to pick your pouch. Please inform your mailing address along with your choice. Thanks for participating. :)

    2. Dear Nano Nano, please do contact me. Provide mailing address along with the choice of your pouch, please. :)
      I have no way to contact you.

      Will be waiting till Wed, 18 Sept 2013, 23.59. Please contact me not later than the time provide coz you will be eliminated from winners list.
      Thanks for participating, anyway.. :)

    3. hi dear, thanks :D
      i'm so happy win these GA >,<
      i've been sent my address to your message in facebook, and this's my facebook address :

      i'm looking forward to that cute pouch #1st pouch ;)

      <3 ya Sewing Box

    4. Yeay.. We've got response from our winner. All pouches will be shipped ASAP. Again, congrats to all winners, and thanks everyone for participating.
      Hope to see you guys in next month GA event. :)

  34. Done

    Share in twitter

    Join this site by Rahmah 'Suka Nulis' Chemist

  35. Done, I have give y thumb and share this info :D, Joinn...
    It's "unyu-unyu" pouches, I want have 1 of them
    hope I win.. :) :) :)
    *semogasemogamenang :)

  36. I love vintage style....!! i've joined this event and already shared it in my facebook page (kofegeek). I love the Union Jack Pouch :)

  37. Hi, I'm Rizka
    I wanna joint with your giveaway
    I have already shared in twitter. This is my account
    and I also liked your fans page and shared in my group FB (

    Please give me your lovely pouches...

    (twitter: @rizka2701)

  38. hai.. i'm chus
    join join joiiin .....:)

    thankyou :)

  39. eh beneran ini syaratnya gitu aja ya.. :D
    waaah GA tersimpel yg pernah aq ikutin..
    fb : sari widiarti
    gfc : sari widiarti

    sukses selalu semoga ada tahun-tahun berikutnya dan semakin bermanfaat :)

  40. Join Giveawaynyaaaaaa~
    Aaaak, wish me luck :D

    salam hangat,
    Norika Dewi
    GFC | Blogspot | FB | Twitter | Pinterest

  41. Hi! I'm Jennifer
    Can I join? :)

  42. I want to join this giveaway tooooo...
    Thank you ^_^

  43. ikutan, moga beruntung dapetin salah satu dr 3 pouch imut it :-)

  44. Hi, I'm Trias, nice to know this blog..,

    I want to join this cute giveaway and already shared in twitter. This is my account, @triaswahyu1
    Good blog and nice tutorial

    I hope I'm lucky,

  45. This event is officially closed. Comment after this post will be omitted. Winners announcement will be updated within 24 hours. Stay tune.. ;)
    Good luck, everyone.. And thanks a bunch for participating.


  46. Congrats to Nano Nano (#1 winner) you've got the first chance to choose your pouch. :)
    Congrats to Yuliana Wijaya (#2 winner)
    Congrats to Intan Novriza Kamala Sari (#3 winner)

    Please inform mailing address to me long with your choice of pouch. Thanks for participating. :)


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