Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sew Reversible Fabric Belt Tutorial

I am a bit obsessed with sewing project for boys lately. This time i made a reversible fabric belt for Z. The very first time when i saw these cute fabrics, I knew that I would make a belt out of it. It's quite a simple and easy project, yet the result is super cute. 

First, I measured Z's waist circumference (done this while he was sleeping, lol..). I got approximately 50cm. I add another 30cm for the length. So I cut two long rectangle fabrics measuring 80cm and 5 cm. 

Next, measure the center height of the belt buckle. I got mine at local bag accessories store. It was Z's choice anyway.

Press the fabric to match the center height of the belt buckle. See picture below.

With right side together, stitch down the raw end. Make sure the other end matches.

I clipped the raw end with pinking shear. You might want to skip it if you did not have one. It does not really matter, I guess.
Feed the fabric through the buckle.

Stop when you reach the fabrics joint. Below is what it looks like at the back.

Fold the fabric, so the wrong side stick together and pin them. I used gazzilion of pins. Litterally. Lol..
Top stitch the belt. Your buckle might get in your stitching way, it's ok, just go as far as you can. See that the buckle 'stuck' at the back of my presser foot?

Go all the way round until you get back to the place you start stitching. 

Finally, close the gaps that we could not reach with invisible stitch.

Yeay.. you're done!! Go find your model now. Put on that super cute belt and have him strike poses for you. :D

wear it this way..

or another way.. :)
Since my model was a bit upset last night. These are the best pics I could get. :)

Bonus : I did mention Z was sleeping when i took his waist circumference measurement, right? You should see his ugly face. I took picture of him and forgot to turn off the flash. His expression is priceless. Lol..

I hope this tutorial is clear enough. If you made some of this, please share the picture with me. Would love to see your version of this reversible fabric belt. :)

Have a bright sunny Sunday..

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